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Military coup in Myanmar and the Rohingya issue

Aung San Suu Kyi, President Win Mint and all key leaders of the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) have been detained in the wake of the February 1 military coup in Myanmar. The country’s army has claimed they will rule the country for a year.

If we look at history, we see that Myanmar gained independence in 1947. Then there have been three elections in that country. But in 1972 there was an army coup. The army rule lasted till 2011. And Suu Kyi fought against military rule. He was under house arrest for 15 years. Again in 2021 the army coup took place. Suu Kyi’s party, The National League for Democracy, won 63 percent of the seats in the November 8 election. It was the second round of elections since the end of military rule in 2011. However, Myanmar’s military has accused the military of rigging the election, leading to a military coup.

Military rule never brings good to any country. Therefore, there will be an adverse effect of military rule in Myanmar. However, the Rohingya issue could be a bigger problem for Bangladeshis.

The background for Rohingya repatriation was created. However, the military coup is likely to create a crisis over Rohingya repatriation. With one year of military rule in Myanmar, many would say it would not be safe to return the Rohingya for a year as there is no elected government in the country or after the internal democratic crisis is over, then the Rohingya issue will be seen. We know that the army has created the Rohingya problem, through them the solution of the Rohingya problem can never be expected. Through these delays, the fertile ground for Rohingya repatriation will become barren.

Many are wondering whether this drama was staged on the basis of military-civil mutual understanding as a means to prolong the Rohingya repatriation! Because Myanmar was never completely free of military influence. They are one-fourth in the parliament. Their army chief already behaves like a political leader. But with the official announcement, the Myanmar army made the Rohingya repatriation more complicated by making Bangladesh’s demand a reality.

According to current situation, it seems that Myanmar will not be able to overcome this situation very easily. Bangladesh should start a new understanding with the new military government.

However, it is expected that the Rohingyas will return to Myanmar as soon as all the problems are resolved.

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